Nostalgia: Have a Little Faith

Sometimes you just got to have a little faith.  It sounds easy, doesn't it?  Sometimes life gets complicated and our worlds get turned upside down.  Those are the times when our faith is tested the most.  Even then, I keep telling myself, to have a little faith.

The other day I was sitting on my porch and I remembered that my Mom had made me a red wagon fairy garden, when I first moved into this place.  While I was sitting outside soaking up some sun, getting my daily dose of vitamin D, I noticed her sitting in the corner of the garden.  It was the plastic toy fairy doll my Mom had placed in the garden so long ago.

She looked like a hot mess.  I mean, the poor fairy had been weathered by many a Florida storm, sunshine, and grime.  She even went through a couple of hurricanes last year, during hurricane season.  Poor thing!

As I picked her up, I realized something.  She was there to remind me to have a little faith.  The fairy doll was a reflection of myself, of everything I've been through these last couple of years.  She was weathered, because I was weathered.  Yet, sitting there holding her, looking at her sweet face, I knew that she still retained her child-like innocence.

It was a sign that I noticed that fairy sitting there again.  She was always there.  Life had just forgotten about her.  I had forgotten about her.  In a way, I had kind of forgotten about myself, and that was a scary thought!

So, from now on, my little fairy girl, let's just call her "Faith," will be in some of my upcoming posts.  It was weird, the closer I looked at her, the more renewed she seemed.  The dirt seemed less caked.  She seemed lighter somehow and so did I.

So, thanks to "Faith" for helping me to have a little faith :-)

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  1. Aw I love this post, it is just what I needed to read! I am so glad I stumbled across your blog, I love finding new ones like yours to read! x

    1. Thank you so much, Adele! I like your blog too :-)

      ~Laurali Star


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