Nostalgia: Mother's Day Surprises, Red Tulips, and Love Notes

I really didn't care about Mother's Day this year.  Not in a bad way or anything, I just wanted to keep it casual.  I ended up getting some Mother's Day surprises for 2017', and it ended up turning out to be a pretty sweet day!

My oldest daughter, Angel, was in town, and I had no idea.  Well, she was nearby, in Clearwater.  Anyway, she was in cahoots with Chloe (my youngest), to surprise me by stopping by!  I was on the computer working on some new stuff for my new Etsy shop, when she came to the door with these beautiful red tulips.  I was so happy to see her!

Aren't they beautiful?  Tulips, as many of you know, don't last long, and they started opening by the time she left.  They are not my favorite flower, white daisies are, but they are so darn pretty!

In addition to that, Chloe slipped me the note below, while I was prepping my daily avocado.  Yes, I eat an avocado every day of my life.  I love them!  But, I love Chloe's sweet note even more :)
In case you're wondering where Veronica is, she texted me.  She didn't get much sleep the night before, she's almost full-term now, and very, very pregnant.  You can check out her pregnancy photo shoot here, and her baby shower here.  Plus, I'm seeing her tonight, so that more than makes up for her absence.
It ended up being a really nice day!  I still had a casual Mother's Day, but it's the little things that matter and count.  It's definitely making me get all nostalgic!

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