Nostalgia: Veronica's Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower For Noah

Veronica had her baby shower, about three weeks ago, so I'm getting these pictures up late.  I figure, better late than never.  In all honesty, there's been a lot going on, and it took me forever to edit the pictures.  I'm mostly pleased with them, but because of the type of camera I have, and the fact that it was an indoor party, I'm not that thrilled with how they turned out.  The good news is, everyone else was, so that helps!
My oldest daughter Angel, twenty-one, and Rachel (her bestie from nursing school), put together a Jungle themed party, with what really turned out to be more of a dinosaur themed party for baby Noah.  It took hours of planning and hours of setup, but it turned out to be the perfect pinterest party indeed!

Baby Shower Edibles

There was lots and lots of leftovers after this little get-together.  We decided to label the stations in cute & clever names.  We had volcanic meatballs, a station for hebivores, prehistoric pinwheels, swamp juice, wavy potato chips, and a watering hole.  It was such a cute little setup!  

There was plenty for the herbivores, as well as the omnivores too.  There was plenty of dinosaur noshing going on!

Baby Shower Food, Games, and Decorations

There were some cool decorations, a lot of the ideas came from Pinterest itself.  No surprise there!  When guests first arrive they use a stamp to stamp their fingerprint to a tree for Baby Noah.  They also sign a blue letter "N" for Noah, and leave him a sweet message.  

Some of the decorations, like the baby onesies decoration, second to the last, get to go home with the mama-to-be.  Most of the decorations, included lots of toy dinosaurs in different sizes and colors.  

For the games, we did a ribbon contest to guess the measurement of Veronica's pregnant belly.  We froze toy babies in ice, and whoever had the baby ice cube melt first, was the winner, because it meant her water broke!  

Another game we played, was a taste testing game with baby food, that the kids really liked.  I sat that one out.  Ewww!  It was funny to see people's faces twist up when they tasted a baby food that was terrible.  

Also, as you can see in the pictures, everyone made a play-doh baby!  They came out really cool and interesting.  

Lots and Lots of Photo Props and Picture Taking

The girls made a prop that we could use to take pictures outside.  It was made like a frame, and we all had a lot of fun with it.  I think just about everybody got a chance to pose with Veronica, the mother-to-be.  

From the Top:

Angel (the blonde is my daughter) and Rachel (her baby shower partner in crime)

Christian (Rachel's son) and Chloe (my youngest)

Christian and Veronica (my pregnant daughter)

Christian and Angeleah 

Christian and Rachel (Too cute!!!)

Christian and Veronica (Again! But, is there ever enough times?)

Me (Laurali) with my arms wrapped around Veronica, Chloe, and Angeleah holding a onesie prop

My Mom and Veronica (with her Grandma)

Veronica and Chloe

Me and Veronica

Me, Veronica, Chloe, and Angel (Again!)

Me, Veronica, Chloe, and Angel Cakes

Me and Veronica

Chloe and V (We call her "V" a lot)

Emma (Sophie), Brianna, Veronica's Mother-in-Law, and Veronica

Rachel and Veronica
To be honest, even though it was a tough day to get through, it was a lot of fun!  I love that Veronica gets to keep that memory forever.  She can show Noah someday, and look back on it fondly.  That makes me really happy!  

If you have any questions about the recipes that were used or where we got the ideas, just let me know in the comment section, and join us in celebrating the life of a new family member!

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